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Success Stories

Case Study #1

Teresa thought she would never see this number on the scale

When Teresa joined the program, she wanted to get ideas on how to eat healthy and she wanted to lose some weight.

With COVID hit, she found herself baking more chocolate chip cookies than she ever had, her eating was spiraling out of control and she felt tired all. the. time...

She turned to caffeine to help her get through the day: she was drinking 6 diet Pepsi a day and at least 2 cups of coffee. It scared her to have so much dependency on caffeine and she knew she had to get off that track.

After going through the program, she had more energy, slept better and more importantly felt good about herself. Teresa couldn’t believe it but yes! She did give up soda on her own!

At first, she didn’t think that she’d be able to follow through with the program but she soon found herself sharing with friends her new way of eating and her new lifestyle. She loved the whole program, and her favorite part was the reset cleanse.

Teresa loved the community aspect of the program and listening to the journey that the different members were on which oddly enough, very much sounded like her own.

She lost weight: she went below a number she never thought she would get below and feels so much healthier now. Her skin is glowing and she no longer feels miserable after meals from being overstuffed. She feels good!

Case Study #2

Maggy didn't miss the carbs and lost 8 lbs in 21 days

Case Study #3

Success Round table with Marybeth, Teresa and Karla

Marybeth went from stress eating to feeling accomplish and getting her blood sugar within normal limits

Teresa went from out of control eating is to healthy eating and better portion control and has gotten her energy back

Karla went from frustrated and confused to learning strategies uniquely suited for her



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